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This video demonstrates how I conduct a standard real estate website CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) analysis for a Texan real estate brokerage.

This video demonstrates how I conduct a basic CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) analysis for a real estate brokerage in Maryland.

I built and scaled a digital marketing funnel for my own online real estate referral business.

Using SEO and Google Ads, I captured traffic and converted leads.

I pre-qualified the leads before referring them to local partners.

This strategy resulted in multiple seven-figure property sales over nine years.

The screenshot on the right side shows the two websites used:, Both are offline or have a different owner today (you can still find them via

This was an adjacent project to the online real estate referral business above, aimed at generating additional leads focused on the precious woods investment and services market.

Here, the main digital marketing funnel was straightforward: a WordPress-based website with SEO content to generate organic traffic and an inquiry form.

With not much competition in this field (from a digital marketing perspective), this approach still resulted in successful lead generation.

The aim of this project was to simply build the initial marketing funnel, including building the website and writing the landing pages, without any scaling (e.g., running paid traffic or building organic traffic). The main traffic source was organic Google traffic.

For these funnels in various industries, such as the automobile, business opportunities, and e-commerce shopping industry, I ran Facebook campaigns to generate leads that were paid on a per-lead basis.

The main platform marketed for was Maxbounty, and the funnel consisted of FB Ads, a Bridge Page with a Quiz, and the trackable Affiliate Partner’s Opt-in form.

Since I ran campaigns in various unrelated industries, I built a website that hosted the different landing pages and quizzes.

Each industry and campaign required a different copywriting angle for the ad copy, ad creatives and landing pages.

For these projects, I built and scaled a digital marketing funnel with the aim of selling digital products for the platform Clickbank.

The paid traffic source I used here were Google Ads that were sent to a product-relevant editorial with affiliate links.

The products I sold were mainly in the prepper niche.

For this website (today offering agricultural and construction services and property investments, I built and scaled a funnel on a tiny advertising budget ($150/M).

The funnel consisted of the website I built and a free giveaway, to which I ran FB Ads.

On the backend, I built a drip campaign to move the generated leads to the bottom of the funnel.

I also wrote the sales copy for the emails.

This shorter project of 4–6 months resulted in one sold construction project contract.

This is a short email opt-in landing page I wrote for my website titled “The Only FREE Course Revealing the Overlooked Foundation Factor for Your Lead Gen Success.”

This one is live and converts cold traffic at a great conversion rate of 40%.

The autoresponder email series I wrote for my real estate marketing website consists of 15 emails sent out once a week.

It receives an average open rate of 48.85% and a click rate of 7.89%. Both metrics are above the industry average.

According to the email marketing provider Constant Contact, email marketing in the real estate industry has an average open rate of 32.79% and a click rate of 0.84%.

I wrote this sales page for the pre-sale of a planned online course on my website It doesn’t have any performance metrics yet.

This is a long-form sales letter I wrote for a real estate marketing tool I built.

This tool is a Google Apps script powered template that helps real estate pros make a high-odds decision on which traffic or marketing channel to focus on.

It factors in income goals, constraints (e.g., budget, lead costs, etc.), and more.

While I constantly improve it with better versions to beat the control, this one currently converts roughly 1% of cold traffic into sales.

This is a spec piece I wrote as part of a direct response copywriting training for the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI). It’s about an imaginary health supplement, exclusively for women.

This is my blog-based real estate marketing website.

Over the past few years, I’ve penned over 800,000 words for this website, aimed at Google ranking in the pre-AI era. Just click the button below to read one or more of the over 280 articles I’ve written.

Regarding SEO article writing, my expertise is not limited to real estate marketing.

It spans various niches, including fitness, health, economy, business, marketing, lifestyle, minimalism, and relationships.

For my blog about minimalism, I’ve written 52 articles so far. It’s the most recent project.

My writing focuses on surprising applications of minimalism in areas you may not be aware of(yet).

I base my recommendations on research, studies, statistics, and actionable advice in these articles.

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