Tobias Schnellbacher

I’ve been in the digital marketing game for over 10 years, mainly for my own online businesses.

How so?

Different business situations require different marketing strategies. Therefore, I had to develop an increasingly broad set of skills in the digital marketing field over the years.

These skills include:

✅ Digital marketing funnel analysis, building, and scaling

✅ SEO & Content marketing

✅ PPC advertising on social media (FB, IG, etc.) and search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)

✅ Social media marketing

✅ Email marketing

✅ Analytics and data analysis

✅ Web design and development (UX, CRO)

✅ Mobile marketing

✅ Sales Copywriting

So, you could call me a full-stack digital marketer. During this time, I also got hooked on copywriting, which is essential across all areas of digital marketing.

When done right, it’s like having a superpower where your words can compel people to take action.

My secret sauce for copywriting?

Emotional storytelling. It’s a game-changer, especially for engaging those cold prospects.

Apart from that, I’m a bit of a language whiz.

I’m trilingual (German/English/Spanish) with a native command of English, and I’ve written a ton of English SEO content… 800,000 words worth, to be exact. I also have some rusty French, but it wouldn’t qualify me as fully quadrilingual.

On my blogs, I dive into minimalism and digital marketing for real estate.

What would I do on a different planet, where the day had 96 hours? I would write about additional topics of interest:


✅ Health


✅ Relationships


✅ Philosophy.

For seven years, I ran an international online referral real estate agency serving U.S., Canadian, and German seller and buyer clients, focused on the Costa Rican housing market.

By exclusively applying digital marketing techniques, I helped generate sales volume in the seven-figure range.

I also co-own and manage four commercial properties.

Before and after running the international real estate referral agency, I was already a “digital marketing nerd,” not the other way around (a real estate agent or broker getting into marketing).

Today, I also run the websites and

Besides that, I am a fitness and health enthusiast. I like cats, chess, and Age of Empires.

Ready to increase the ROI of your digital marketing funnel or get your target audience clicking, engaging, and converting? I look forward to teaming up with you and making it happen!

I also welcome collaborative work with agencies.



What Came Before…

While digital marketing and online entrepreneurship have always been the main constants in my working life, my work story is all over the place.

I got a college degree in an interdisciplinary course of study in computer science, design, and marketing.

Before and while studying, I worked in different places, which earned me other types of degrees.

I worked…

  • As a driver for people with special needs. I sometimes inhaled the medicinal weed that was smoked by one of the passengers who also had multiple sclerosis.
  • As a house painter. This earned me a degree in reading Boulevard magazines that covered essential topics about star gossip and one-dimensional politics (but often great copy).
  • As a math private tuition teacher. I didn’t teach much math because my one student couldn’t focus for one minute straight. So for the first half hour, we played chess to get him in a focused state of mind.
  • In a gym, mixing protein shakes and dealing with clients that often just came to drink protein shakes and coffee, but not to train.
  • As a bartender and waiter in a Mexican restaurant and a club for electronic music. I earned a degree in “nonviolent communication” and managing narcissistic personality disorders.
  • In trade fair construction. I learned by driving a large truck that you can’t find parking spaces easily in cities and can’t win red light contests anymore.
  • For the software company SAP in the marketing department.
  • In a graphic design agency, I learned that details matter a lot. Coffee cups had to be placed precisely at the same distance before meetings.
  • As a freelancer, building websites. I learned firsthand the everlasting conflict between design and conversion rate optimization.
  • As a Yoga teacher getting to know muscle soreness in body parts, I didn’t know they existed and to never ever confuse obesity with pregnancy.
  • As an author publishing Kindle books. I got some reps in for producing non-fiction writing but neglected the marketing (and copywriting) part. So I didn’t exactly land on the New York Times bestseller list, but only by a whisker (of course).
  • As a PPC marketing (social and search) and copywriting freelancer for real estate development companies.
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