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Real Estate Deal Maker,

Crypto-Trader and Author

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My name is Tobias Kai Schnellbacher.

I got my first real estate fever in 2006 when I sold the first residential home in Costa Rica. I was still new in this business and in the area.

I had to use a local driver for the first showing, since my orientation skills in the Central Valley of Costa Rica were, let’s say, in their beginning stages (navigation apps were still far from common then).

And then the first deal was also a bit tough to negotiate. I had to negotiate a six figure real estate deal between a Texan seller, a German buyer and a Polish lawyer.

Besides real estate I am also very interested in the health, wellness, and tech industries (e.g. crypto currencies, AI, augmented reality, etc.).

I found the ideal combination of all of them in the emerging field of wellness real estate, where a lot of attractive high return deals can be found and made.

In addition to the real estate market in Costa Rica, I will soon expand to the U.S. and other markets where I plan to do conventional real estate deals and, of course, also deals in wellness real estate.

Costa Rica will always be an interesting market for vacation homes, since it is one of those paradisiac countries where you have the ideal place to combine nature’s beauty and great views with architectural perfection.

These are the websites for my main business:


Writing Projects

My main focus is and has always been the real estate industry, but as a hobby I also like to write.

I have written and published several books in German and Spanish.

I published a book about business and how entrepreneurs often fail due to different cognitive biases called “Irren ist menschlich, besonders im Business” (Erring is Human, Especially in Business).

Then I wrote a book about how to use WordPress to generate new leads called “Auf die Plätze fertig, Neukunden – Wie Sie Ihre WordPress Praxis optimieren und mehr Neukunden gewinnen” (Ready, Steady, New Leads – How to Optimize Your WordPress Practice and Generate More Leads).

In a joint venture with a friend I published a book about medical tourism called “Der ultimative Guide für medizinischen Tourismus – Oder wie du ab sofort die Arztrechnung aus der Portokasse zahlst” (The Ultimate Guide to Medical Tourism – or How to Pay Your Medical Bills With Your Petty Cash From Now On).

I also wrote a book about Yoga. “Yoga Para Embarazadas – Tan Feliz Que El Bebé Sale Levitando” (Yoga for the Pregnant) is one of my favorite book projects. I wrote it in Spanish and co-authored it with my girlfriend.

Right now I am writing a novel called “Sklaven aus Stockholm” (Slaves From Stockholm), which I also plan to publish in English. Don’t ask me when it will be finished – there’s still a long way to go.

Achievements (private and business)

  • When I was 12 years old I fell from an 8 meter high old French Castle staircase. I landed on stone, had multiple bone fractures and SURVIVED!
  • I managed to learn Spanish, work and stay alive for 6 months in Honduras. I survived an armed robbery on a bus station in Tegucigualpa, recovered from many Tropical diseases and even managed to sell a German expat’s land, saving him from bankruptcy.
  • I graduated from college in Media Systems Design.
  • Sold real estate worth several million dollars in Costa Rica.
  • As a complete beginner I managed to sell the first home without having knowledge of the local area (there was no GPS navigation at that time).
  • Saved a $1.5 million farm deal (buyer’s and seller’s attorneys couldn’t get along).
  • Graduated as a certified yoga teacher in Costa Rica (all in Spanish).
  • Indirectly created employment by a teak investment side project.
  • Since 2010 co-own and manage several commercial properties in the San José area and corporations in Costa Rica.
  • Despite local and cultural challenges I managed to organize various farm showings with difficult access (including jungle and river crossings) for an investment fund.
  • Helped several clients to start new lives and set up shop in Costa Rica.
  • Successfully published several E-Books (see my Writing Projects above).


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